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Solution making prelab

Solution making prelab - smaller than desired Steps...

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Solution making Purpose: Learn how to make solutions using different methods. Techniques: Each pipetman must be used with appropriate disposable plastic tips. Use small yellow or clear tip with P5-50 and P20-200. Use medium blue tips with P100- 1000, and large clear or blue tips with P2500. Grab pipetman by the body part. All pipetmen except P2500 have two buttons, large round one at the top and a small round button in front used to remove the tip. The volume is adjusted by turning the round wheel at the top and the current volume is shown on the side of the pipetman. Turn the wheel slowly to change the volume. For P2500 press and hold the black dot at the “Thumb” position before turning the wheel. If transfer amount is too small look at the tip while transferring. Change tips for different solutions. For sticky solutions set volume
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Unformatted text preview: smaller than desired. Steps: Transfer 100 uL of dH20 using the appropriate pipetman. Press the large button until you feel the first stop, place the tip in the000000 solution and slowly release the button. Transfer the solution by first pressing the button to the first stop, after a moment push to the second stop to fully empty. Go to the analytical balance room, cut and fold weigh paper so that it will hold liquid and put it on the balance. Zero the balance and transfer the volume of distilled water with indicated pipetman on to the weighing paper and record the data. Calculate the average mass for each triplicate set, and the percent error for each measurement. Notify...
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