Workout - Bench Press(3 Chest Press(3 Deadlift(3 Cable...

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Monday (Shoulders And Arms) Warm-Up Dumbbell Curls (2) Lateral Raises (3) Reverse Flyes (3) Shoulder Press (4) Front Raise (3) Triceps Pushdown (4) Hammer Curls (3) Dips close-grip B.Press (4) Wednesday (Chest And Back) Warm-Up Pec Fly (3) Pushups (3)
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Unformatted text preview: Bench Press (3) Chest Press (3) Deadlift (3) Cable Rows (3) Pullups (3) Lat Pull-Down (3) Friday (Legs and Abs) Warm-Up Crunch (3) Cable Crunches (3) Squats (3) Leg Curl (3) Leg Extensions (3) Calf Raise (3) Cardio...
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