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DEPARTMENT OF AFRICAN, MIDDLE EASTERN AND SOUTH ASIAN LANGUAGES AND LITERATURRES 013 312 African Folklore and Myth Instructor: Professor Ousseina Alidou March 8, 2011 Question #1: Each of the following African (Bambara) language proverbs from the griot Djeliba in the film Keita: the Heritage of the Griot is thought provoking and lends itself to lively classroom discussion and projects. Are there similar proverbs in your culture (Western and non-Western)? Find some parallels in English or provide English translation in case the target language is different from English. ( 5points ) (a) The same truth can have many versions. (b) An empty belly has no ear. (c) You cannot run and scratch your foot at the same time. (d) Not everything can be seen, but everything exists. (e) Man is always in a hurry. (f) Knowledge is ungraspable. (g) No matter how strong you are, you always find someone stronger.
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Unformatted text preview: (h) The giant three grows from a grain. (i) It is the hunter who always beats the lions because it is the hunter who always tells the stories. (j) The future emerges from the past. Question #2: Discuss the significance the epic of Sundiata in responding to the Mande people’s postcolonial condition by focusing on the question of identity and education as presented in the Film Keita: the Heritage of a Griot . . (10points) Question #3: Analyze the symbolic meaning of animals in African folktale “hyena and the calf” from your reading package [ Thurs, Feb 10: Read : Bukenya and als. Unit 9 p.81-82.] ( 10points ) Question #4: Compare and Contrast the Hausa Cinderella and the Cinderella version you are familiar with (characters, themes and plots). ( 5points )...
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