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Mousedeer+Story+Malaysia - Mouse Deer and Tiger Im quick...

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Mouse Deer and Tiger I’m quick and smart as I can be. Try and try, but you can’t catch me! Mouse Deer sang his song as he walked through the forest. He was looking for tasty fruits and roots and shoots. Though he was small, he was not afraid. He knew that many big animals wanted to eat him. But first they had to catch him! Then he heard something. Rowr! There was Tiger! “Hello, Mouse Deer. I was just getting hungry. Now you can be my lunch.” Mouse Deer didn’t want to be lunch. He looked around and thought fast. He saw a mud puddle. “I’m sorry, Tiger. I can’t be your lunch. The King has ordered me to guard his pudding.” “His pudding?” said Tiger. “Yes. There it is.” Mouse Deer pointed to the mud puddle. “It has the best taste in the world. The King doesn’t want anyone else to eat it.” Tiger looked longingly at the puddle. “I would like to taste the King’s pudding.” “Oh, no, Tiger! The King would be very angry.” “Just one little taste, Mouse Deer! The King will never know.”
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