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The Legend of Si Tenggang The local story of the filial son is a popular story passed from one generation to the next. This story began in the jungle surrounding the caves. There was once a local boy called Si Tenggang whose daily chore was to accompany his father into the jungle to sharpen his skills in hunting, building traps and shelter. He could hunt stealthily under the cover of the darkness like a black panther and could sniff danger from a great distance away. When the time came, he built a steady boat and with the loving approval of his devoted mother, he sailed off to foreign lands. There he prospered, assumed the status of royalty and even won the hand of a local princess. After a time of blissful marriage, Si Tenggang now known as Nakhoda (Captain) Tenggang, sailed again to far off lands - this time accompanied by a crew of able bodied men and his wife. Due to the splendour and fairytale-like life he had woven for himself, Si Tenggang had forgotten about his humble origins and his mother. After a time at sea, the captain found themselves low on supplies and were forced to drop anchor
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