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10/6/2011 1 Chapter 3: The Chemistry of Gl b Wi Global Warming (continued) Oct. 10/2011 What is the shape of PCl 3 ? 1. Tetrahedral 2. Linear 3 Ben 2 3. Bent 4. Trigonal pyramidal 5. There is no 3 D shape 1. Its enough energy to break the bonds in CO 2 2. IR energy excites the molecule (beyond its What happens when IR photons interact with a CO 2 molecule? natural vibrations) 3. Nothing happens when IR photons interact with CO 2 3 Review from Last Lecture Molecular shapes Vibrations Symmetry? 4
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10/6/2011 2 What is the primary source of CO 2 ? 1. Transportation 2. Electricity generation 3 Industr Non renewable 5 3. Industry 4. Residential/commercial use 5. Deforestation Where does carbon come from? 1 Gt is 1 billion metric tons or the mass of 3 million 747’s 6 These are all simultaneous processes, but are occurring at different rates Deforestation Two football fields worth of forest lost every second of every day from rain forests of the world (Brazil has seen greatest loss)
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Lect+18+Fall+2011 - 10/6/2011 WhatistheshapeofPCl3? 1....

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