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10/13/2011 1 Chapter 3: The Chemistry of Global Warming (continued) Oct. 17/2011 Based on the molecular structure, which one of these cannot be a greenhouse gas? 1. H 2 O 2. CO 2 2 3. O 3 4. O 2 5. CH 4 Which of the following remove CO 2 from the atmosphere? 1. Deforestation 2. Burning fossil fuels 3. Respiration 4. Photosynthesis Review from Last Lecture Infrared spectrum CO 2 from carbon cycle Other GHGs (H 2 O, CH 4 , etc) GWP 4
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10/13/2011 2 5 Who Cares? The predicted temperature changes are only a few degrees (temperature fluctuates daily) Climate vs. weather? 6 United Nations IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change evaluate the risk of climate change caused by human activity They do not conduct research or collect data They are an objective body ( http://www.ipcc.ch/ ) Formed in 1988 In 2007, won the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore 7 Probability or Estimates of Confidence Target: help policy makers and general public Supported by scientific evidence 8
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Lect+19+Fall+2011 - ,whichoneof thesecannot...

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