Lect+20+Fall+2011 - 10/18/2011 Whichstatementistrue?...

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10/18/2011 1 Review from Last Lecture Albedo (example?) Consequences/effects of global warming IPCC 1 Which statement is true? 1. Global warming is an effect observed mainly in the stratosphere 2. International response to global warming resulted in the Montreal Protocol 2 the Montreal Protocol. 3. A credible consequence of global warming is altered climate 4. Eliminating the production of CFCs was an effective remedy for global warming Chapter 7: The Fires of Nuclear Fission Oct. 19/2011 Nuclear Power What comes to mind when you hear the word “nuclear” 4
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10/18/2011 2 Chapter 7: Outline Define fission and how energy is produced How nuclear reactors produce electricity Radioactivity Chernoby Chernobyl Nuclear waste and half lives Nuclear power Risks vs. benefits Future? (As demands for “clean” energy increase) 5 Nuclear Energy Currently, around ____ of electrical power (in the U.S.) is produced by nuclear power plants Regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), government body 104 nuclear reactors at 65 sites in 31 states http://www.nrc.gov/ No new nuclear power plants have been
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Lect+20+Fall+2011 - 10/18/2011 Whichstatementistrue?...

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