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S ERVICE O PERATIONS M ANAGEMENT Associate Professor Mark A. McComb, CQE, Ph.D. Spring 2011 Productivity Measurement Practice Set Scenario 1 : You are the regional manager of a small chain of pizza stores. As a regional manager, you are responsible for managing the performance of the stores in your region and one of the issues that you have been asked to address (by the Vice President) is productivity improvement. You decide to pick stores in two very different geographical and demographic areas of your region and you obtain the following information. Store A Store B Weekly Sales ($) $8,500 $12,500 Number of customers per week 2,150 4,175 Total labor hours worked per week 440 535 Total square feet of store 1,275 1,650 1. Define three measures of productivity for these two operations and calculate the productivity using these measures for each store. 2. Based on the productivity measures you created in (1) above, analyze and compare the productivity for these two stores. 3.
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