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Convention Simulation - Constitutional Convention...

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Constitutional Convention Simulation Overview In this simulation each student will be assigned to a specifc state delegation at the Constitutional Convention. In stage 1 the delegation will meet to discuss their positions on Four key questions to be taken up at the convention. Delegations (or individual delegates) can come up with their own proposals which will be debated (in the order given below). Stage 2 will be the specifc debate on each oF these questions. Delegations Note: students will be assigned to one oF these delegations and voting will proceed as it did at the ±ederal Convention oF 1787 (by state, where a majority oF “aye” votes was required to pass a resolution). Students should note what state they were From and generally try to argue For their state’s interests. But no student should be Forced to take any particular position. Massachusetts —a large state that wanted to preserve state sovereignty, generally For local state power. Connecticut —a small state that originated what became the Great Compromise, generally Favored local state power New York —though it was a large state, the delegation generally Favored small state positions (with the exception oF Alexander Hamilton) Pennsylvania
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Convention Simulation - Constitutional Convention...

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