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Essay Assignment - discuss one principle of the rule-of-law...

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A MERICAN H ERITAGE 100 ( H ONORS) B RIGHAM Y OUNG U NIVERSITY F ALL 2011 Kirkham: Essay Assignment 1 Draft due: October 12 in class (25 points) Final due: October 26 in class (50 additional points) Your assignment: Write a 4-5 double –spaced page analysis of a modern rule-of-law dilemma, assessing a real situation according to one or more of the standards of generality, prospectivity, publicity, consent, and due process. Do research to find a situation, explain the facts of the situation, identify and explain the rule of law principle you are discussing, and show how the rule of law applies to the real life situation you found. You will want to show that you understand the rule-of-law and make it very clear how your situation is an appropriate application. Finally, you should discuss what can and should be done to bring the situation into compliance with the rule-of-law. You will likely want to discuss just one or maybe two of the rule-of-law principles. If you try to write about too much, your paper will be unfocused and shallow. It is much better to explain and
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Unformatted text preview: discuss one principle of the rule-of-law well than to try and write about more than one. Research the problem well: make as sure as you can that it really happened or is happening somewhere. For example, On September 25, 2011 there was an article in the New York Times about how the monarch of Saudi Arabia granted women the right to vote and run for election, but it is still illegal for women to drive. If I were to use this article as the basis of my paper, I might discuss how the law against women driving violates the principle of generality. (Do not use this for your paper!) You will be graded on your organization, portrayal of the facts, analysis, research (single source is fine, but verify and cite), mechanics and style. (OFARMS). All of these are important but the last two will count somewhat less than the first four. Please refer questions to Jared and Caroline....
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