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Student Letter.Welcome.Fall11

Student Letter.Welcome.Fall11 - send me an E-mail before...

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22 August 2011 Book of Mormon Students, Greetings! You are currently enrolled in my Book of Mormon class for Fall Semester 2011. I love teaching the Book of Mormon and look forward to studying it with you beginning next week . I’d like to share a few ideas now so we can hit the ground running on Tuesday, August 30. Our text is the Book of Mormon and we also use the CES Student Manual for Religion 121-122. All of our class discussions will be based principally on the Book of Mormon and quotes from the manual. I suggest you buy a new, less expensive copy of the Book of Mormon to circle scriptures and write brief comments. I also suggest you buy a student manual. No electronic equipment (laptop computers, cell phones, iphones, ipads, etc.) may be turned on during class . Studying the Book of Mormon requires our complete attention. Plan to take notes with paper and pen or by circling scriptures in your copy of the Book of Mormon. If you have a health issue that requires the use of electronic equipment, please
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Unformatted text preview: send me an E-mail before the first class next week. Perhaps the most effective learning exp erience you’ll have in this course is reading the first half of the Book of Mormon outside of class 30 minutes every day. Five weeks into the semester you will hand in your first study log, which records your daily reading. The second (and final) study log will be turned in the last day of class. A copy of the study log is included in the syllabus. We will review the course syllabus during our first class period. An electronic copy will also be available on Blackboard. Thank you for respecting the Honor Code, including BYU’s dress and grooming standards. We need to look and feel ready as we seek the Holy Ghost in order to understand teachings in the Book of Mormon. I am excited to spend the Fall Semester with you. I know our understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ will be enriched as we study the Book of Mormon together. See you soon. Brother Farnsworth...
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