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Unit II Reading GENETICS Date Chapter Topic 10.3 5.6 Mistakes in Meiosis. Non-disjunction of CSS 10.5 6.1 Inheritance of Traits: Vocabulary, mutations, twinning (triplets, etc) 10.7 6.2 Mendelian Genetics: Taking a look at your alleles and Punnett Squares. Vocab QUIZ 10.10 6.3 Quantitative Genetics, Genes and the Environment 10.12 7.1-7.3 Forensic Science, Dihybrid crosses, Extensions (multiple alleles, co-dominance, etc) 10.14 7.4 Sex determination, X-linked traits, pedigrees. QUIZ
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Unformatted text preview: 10.17 7.6 DNA fingerprinting, gel electrophoresis 10.19 8.1 Gene expression: transcription, translation, protein synthesis 10.21 8.1 Gene regulation. QUIZ 10.24 8.2 Producing Recombinant Proteins: Insulin, Factor VIII, Taxol 10.26 8.4 Genetically Modified Humans: Stem Cells, Gene Therapy 10.28 8.3 Genetically Modified Organisms: plants, animals. QUIZ 10.31 Catch up or Review (if needed) TEST II 11-1-3 Testing Center...
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