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Unformatted text preview: What I’m getting from reading the NY Times is that the government is making all these decisions without us knowing about it....they do what they want....we don’t care Thesis, Subordinate Arguments, and Facts 1. Thesis: The checks and balance system protects the economy and social system Sub-arguments: a. The 2010 health care act is imposed on states b. ATT merger postponed by U.S. Justice Dept lawsuit 2. Thesis: Strict regulation is needed to keep the economic and social system in working order. Sub-arguments: a. USPS on verge of bankruptcy because paychecks too high b. citizens taxed to pay Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid c. everyone has to have health care or pay a fine 3. Thesis: Govt uses force to keep system stable Sub-arguments: a. govt forcing everyone to have health care and pay taxes (otherwise no agreement on health care) b. govt forced Amazon.com to pay e-commerce tax (otherwise no revenue for govt) 4. Thesis: Rich get elected, so Dem and Rep policies don’t differ as much as citizens may believe...
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