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name: amazon (8) amazon (8)These matching questions are based on the article regarding the fight between the state of California and Amazon over taxes. =Online retailers must collect sales tax from its subsidiaries in California -> California law passed last June =refuses to collect online sales tax -> Amazon = -> $100 million =CA state and local taxes expected from new sales tax on on-line retailers -> $300 million =supporter of the sales tax on online retailers -> California Retailers Association =has cut off its California affiliates -> Amazon =has gathered enough signatures to place an initiative on next summer's ballot to overturn the online retailer sales tax. -> Amazon =has threatened to go to court to remove the ballot initiative asking voters to overturn the online retailer's sales tax -> California Retailers Association =has been writing alternative legislation to State Senator Loni Hancock's urgency bill -> Amazon 55305 name: brooks brooks These matching questions are based on David Brook’s op-ed piece called, The Vigorous Virtues. Brooks is a conservative and a regular columnist for the Times. ="the specter haunting American politics" -> national decline =America became great because its citizens were self-reliant, personally responsible, worked hard and had a passion for freedom -> Republican narrative =Government has undermined the American character that made America great -> Republican narrative =The byzantine tax code and regulatory state has clogged the arteries of American dynamism -> Republican narrative =We must shrink government to revive personal responsibility and private initiative -> Republican narrative =Reforming and pruning the state will not be enough to restore America's vigorous virtues -> Brook's argument =The United States became the wealthiest nation on earth primarily because Americans were the best educated -> Brook's argument =middle class wages have been stagnant (or slightly declining) for a generation -> fact =Many of America's problems are due to globalization, an aging society, cultural trends and the nature of technological change -> Brook's argument =the problem of single parenthood won't spontaneously regenerate without some serious activism from religious/community groups and government agencies -> Brook's argument 54579 name: dream 2 dream 2The matching questions below are based on the article about the CA Dream Act =We will soon have to replace one million workers who leave the work force -> argument in favor of the Dream Act =Why would we cut ourselves off from students who have demonstrated that they have talent and resilience? -> argument in favor of the Dream Act =it is the moral and humanitarian thing to do -> not an argument being made by either side in the debate =it is fiscally irresponsible -> argument against the Dream Act =we need to pay more taxes so we can finance the education of people who have come to CA illegally? -> argument against the Dream Act =with this act, we are telling people who came to CA legally that you are idiots! -> argument against the Dream Act 1
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NY TIMES editorial, ‘A Question of Fairness.’ MATCH THE ARGUMENT IN THE LEFT COLUMN
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mc_questions - 1 name: amazon (8) amazon (8)These matching...

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