PLSI_200-15_syllabus - Syllabus, Fall 2011 Introduction to...

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Syllabus, Fall 2011 Introduction to United States Politics: PLSI 200.15 San Francisco State University Instructor: Office: Office hours: Home Phone: KATHY Emery HSS 260 TU 6-7 pm ; W 5-6 pm OR by appt. 415/703-0465 (9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ONLY) Course Meets: Course Room: Instructor Email: Website: Tuesdays 7 to 9:45 pm. BH 1 Course Purpose: This course will provide an opportunity for you to gain an overview of the U.S. government, its institutions, and political processes. Throughout, we will consider how the current political structures influence who gets what, when, and how ? We will also consider how history has affected the way in which our political process works. Course Goals: o Develop critical thinking, research, and writing skills. o Gain an understanding of American government, its philosophical origins, institutions, and political processes. o Become familiar with the topics studied by political scientists in the field of U.S. Politics. o Appreciate the influence of history and structures on political, economic, social, and cultural developments. Course Requirements: Ilearn : The course schedule (Due Dates!) can be found on your Ilearn course page ( You are expected to be able to access the course’s Ilearn page as needed. PLEASE check to see when resources are added to your Ilearn page. ...they are posted to help you do your research and understand what is going on in the course! You must be able to receive emails I send you from Ilearn. If you are not getting course emails from Ilearn, check to see if your email is enabled in iLearn: 1. Log in to iLearn 2. Click on your name at the top or bottom of any iLearn page 3. Click on the Edit profile tab 4. Make sure the Email activated pull-down menu says This email address is enabled 5. Click on the Update profile button to save your changes, if any All ilearn messages are sent to your official SF State email address or the email address to which your official email is forwarded. Make sure you are checking your official SF State email or forwarding it to the email account you check most often. Your
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PLSI_200-15_syllabus - Syllabus, Fall 2011 Introduction to...

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