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Alan Hwang ID #103-777-115 Section 1F Concert at Hollywood Bowl On October 10, I had the chance to go to the Hollywood Bowl to watch Jason Mraz, G Love and Special Sauce, and Brett Dennan perform. They are popular contemporary artists whose style can best be described as soft rock. The concert experience started when I got out of the car in the crowded parking lot. I could hear the music from one of the opening bands play as I arrived pretty late. As I walked to the seating area, the music got louder and louder and I could feel myself getting more and more excited. We found our seats which were pretty far from the Bowl and waited for Jason Mraz to come on stage. One thing I noticed is that the Hollywood Bowl has very good acoustics. The sound carried and the quality of it was pretty good, even from our nosebleed seats. This definitely impressed me, as I have been to concerts where bad sound quality has ruined the show. Most of the people there were young-looking and there were many couples. This
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