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Alan Hwang ID #103-777-115 Section 1F TR Warszawa – T.E.O.R.E.M.A.T. This play was the third event that I saw at the Freud Playhouse. I walked in not knowing what to expect again because the synopsis was short and unclear. I definitely did not expect that the play would turn out to be grim, mysterious, and just flat out strange. When the play starts, the main character eats his breakfast and looks over some papers, the mother fixes her hair and reads a fashion magazine, the daughter takes a picture and does her makeup and the son works on his school work. This ridiculously long, drawn out scene is repeated about three times after that, letting the audience understand how repetitive this family’s life is. Then one day the head of the household gets a telegram that someone is coming to visit him. This visitor seduces each of the main character’s family members and quickly leaves, leaving the family shattered and irreversibly damaged. The play was an example of physical theater. The words were few and far
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