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Alan Hwang ID #103-777-115 Section 1F Medea From the moment I stepped into the Freud Playhouse, I could tell that this tone of this play was going to be grim. The background music was very untraditional, unpredictable and very minor in tone, and it was what really set the mood. The set also helped to set a grim mood by the fog and dim lighting. It was like a scene from a horror movie. Just as I thought, the play was indeed grim and the mood was dark throughout. Accentuated by the eerie chorus and intense acting, it was easy for anyone to tell the tone of the play was not happy. The play was about the Greek story of Medea, whose husband Jason left her and their two children for a princess, as he was obsessed with gaining status and becoming a king. The current king banishes Medea from the land, but before she leaves, she creates an evil scheme, killing the princess, Jason and even their two children. I was not amazed by the content and storyline of the play, but I was entranced
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