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Alan Hwang ID #103-777-115 Section 1F Ontroerend Goed- Shut up and Listen I walked into the Freud Playhouse not knowing what to expect from this play. The short summary from the playbill only said that it was a production about teenagers and teenage life and that the group was from Belgium. As I walked in, the scene was set with 12 empty chairs and many different sounds were coming in from offstage. It sounded like a banging of pots and pans and people yelling. The lights dim and the play started. I thought that it was going to be just another traditional play, like Medea, but luckily it was something completely different and incredibly memorable. As the play starts, twelve teenagers stroll in and eventually fill up the seats. Then the madness begins. Using all types of props and gimmicks, the twelve teenagers express themselves and seem to go crazy. They kick and scream, kiss and hug, tease and fight all in seemingly random and separate instances. There is a lot going on, too much for one to
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