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Alan Hwang Medea Write-Up From the moment I stepped into the auditorium, I could tell that this tone of this play was going to be grim. The background music was very untraditional, unpredictable and very minor in tone, and it was what really set the mood. The set also helped to set a grim mood by the fog and dim lighting. It was like a scene from a horror movie. As the play started, I thought that it was a very bad idea to set the play in the modern age. It was a story about ancient Greeks, yet there was a gigantic telephone pole and modern toys for the children. I thought it made the play a little less believable. I thought that if they wanted to go for the modern motif, they should have went all the way. The telephone and modern stuff did not mesh well with the sand they used as the set floor; they should have used pavement or set the scene somewhere more urbanized. Another thing that bothered me was the chorus. Why did they have to sing? It wasn’t a musical, and it seemed so out of place to me. Perhaps it is because one of the
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