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Page 1 of 4 Memorandum October 19, 2011 For : ELCT 301 From : Meredith Thomas Email : Subject : Inductor Design ______________________________________________________________________ The purpose of this lab was to design a 100μH inductor with a 3A current capability using an EFD 30 ferrite ceramic core material for operation frequency at 100 kHz. The maximum flux density used is 0.25T. For the pre-lab, I had to calculate the number of turns I would need to achieve an inductance of 100μH (Equation 6). I then calculated the wire gauge to withstand the frequency and current specifications using the area of the wire and the datasheet (Equation 3-4). Next, I calculated the length of the gap (Equation 7), the reluctance of the air gap (Equation 11) as well as the reluctance of the core of the material (Equation 13). Finally, I was to measure the AC and DC resistance of the inductor at 100 kHz and 1 MHz using Equations (8) and (10). I found the AC resistance to be higher than the DC resistance. This result makes sense because in DC steady state, an inductor appears as a short circuit. Therefore, the inductor contains very little resistance. However, in an AC steady state, the inductor would have a higher resistance because of its inclination to store magnetic energy. To begin the lab, the inductor is constructed with the materials provided. Copper wire is wound around the number of turns found in Equation (6) which is 18 after rounding. Pieces of paper can be inserted to create the air gap found in Equation (7). The first value measured is the inductance to
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This note was uploaded on 10/25/2011 for the course ELCT 301 taught by Professor Santi during the Spring '09 term at South Carolina.

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techmemofinal - Page 1 of 4 Memorandum October 19, 2011...

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