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PROBLEM SET 4: Due next Weds. 09/30/09 before class Problems: 7.40, 8.41, 8.60, and the following: Consider an object of mass m = 1 kg attached to a spring of spring constant k = 1 N/m as shown. The object slides with a coefficient of kinetic friction μ K = 0.1 and a coefficient of static friction μ S = 0.2. Sketch its motion (plot x vs. t ) when the object is displaced by an amount A from the spring’s equilibrium and released for the following cases: a) A = 1 meter b) A = 3 meters c) A = 5 meters In each case (i.e., for a, b, and c) you must find all the locations at which the object stops. This will include the occasions at which it changes direction and then
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