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PROBLEM SET 9 - PHYSICS 200 PROBLEM SET#9 Due Read Serway...

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PHYSICS 200 PROBLEM SET #9 Due November 11, 2009 Read Serway and Jewett Ch. 15. 1) Consider a damped, driven harmonic oscillator as discussed in class. Show that the maximum amplitude of motion occurs when the drive frequency is () 22 max 0 /2 ωω γ =− where is the damping coefficient. Show that in the limit of small damping, ω max goes to 0 . 2) A harmonic oscillator with natural period (i.e., in the absence of dapming) T = 0.1 s is placed in an environment where its motion is damped, with a damping force proportional to its speed. The amplitude of the oscillation drops to half of its original value in 5.0 s. What is the period of the oscillator in the new environment? 3) A uniformly dense book of dimensions 7 cm x 14 cm x 21 cm has a mass of 3 kg. You pick it up close to one corner with a pair of calipers and let it swing. What is the angular frequency for
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