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226word - The looking glass self’s 3 major elements 1 The...

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2/26 Check sakai Friday for paper topic and have by next thurs have assignment question Done on sakai Look up why voters care again-time Cooley- Any system of ideas drawn from life tat he uses as his own and that we get from communicating with people. The self only arises through interaction, and knowledge of yourself arises from knowledge of others Babies have no concept of what others feel, or ownership, cannot differentiate cooley suggests sef-knowledge stems from (motivated by) need or desire to control objects of common desire. You want something other people want “I” is the unique language we identify ourselves through. As a concept it is intersubjective. Self is wrapped up in the ideas you represent, but self flows past ideology. The key t understanding the self is to be able to assume the role of the other and examine what your “I” looks like. To function socially you need to be able to see how other people will view you.
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Unformatted text preview: The looking glass self’s 3 major elements: 1) The imagination of our appearance to the other person 2) The imagination of the judgment of your appearance by the other person 1) We are rarely if ever certain of the other person’s judgment 3) Self-judgment based on the other person’s judgment 1) Impression management March 6-cognitive socialization Paper due Thurs. March 11 Exam still the 13th They place boundary on what it is to be a boy. . Battle royal between ludo and his family in the struggle for identity and which is the right one. . He coined boy-girl, the name denotes a form of power. Ludo Sees self as a straight girl- did what he felt was appropriate for himself. The genesis of a scientific fact by fleck Socialization is the process of developing a social self...
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