Note - Ideology - p d w re@ io fhe s d or^shur&...

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- pdw re@ io fhe sd or^shur& vaiue$,beiizfsyxi ideas. ii give 3s a virion of our so~llow ~t operates and wheher it n~ilsiderd good or bad, miug or *caring.> .. -. P-v provides us witll ow- view or perspective as to how power is - . -- - attained and usxi. E-y-ipr~~icies us with oK vit% - both as individuals aud ~llcuibers of a pai3cular soclo-ecollonric class - as to how weather is created aud d-ism-~uted. --_c~&--- . . 6" -- p 3 bminant Political idwlvv- .- - Aka - L\hsc&sn? <* ' in modern Canada, ihs dominimt idemlogy is neo-fizozr$ism. An iawiogy can os --.--- -- ; - domulaht h ywslir car1 eidier be supported bi host people L sociity or ir is : i oniy support& by the rica and poxdl wciev even though the rnajoriicy do not I approve of it. % luoderu Canada: it is safie to say that the majority of - people -- - . ......... in society appve of n@-Iiberssm an4 not iusi &ma. i~~rbougn many mi& dlr- &' today's liberai economy govcmmexi wants to r&r;ce.he i?c&orn 0f.a ar groueof people, mainly the ~luddle dass, i>rd5? sorex- (. [.<. .' r, 0 r others-7%~ is rnain'l~ Jone through psds~ve ta.xauon where the rizve ..... Yglqr
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Note - Ideology - p d w re@ io fhe s d or^shur&amp;...

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