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AP/ADMS2510 – Mid Term 1 Page 1 STUDENT NAME ( PRINT )_________________________________________________________ STUDENT NUMBER ____________________________ SIGN IN # _________ YORK UNIVERSITY FLA&PS - School of Administrative Studies AP/ADMS2510 3.0 – Mid term Exam I, Winter 2010 Topic B Instructions Turn off your cell phone. Please place books, notes, backpacks, coats, etc. to the side rear or the front of the classroom before the midterm commences. Make sure that there is at least one empty seat between you and any other student seating in the same row. Place photo identification on your desk during the examination to facilitate verification. Put your name and student number at the top of the page and in the Scantron (pink in colour) sheet. This is a closed book examination, no collaboration is allowed and no formula sheets are allowed or will be provided. Two hours are allowed to complete the exam (total of 25 marks). No additional time provided for lateness. You are allowed the use of a simple (non-programmable) calculator. Sharing of calculators is not permitted. Cell phones are not allowed as calculators. Answer the multiple choice questions in the Pink Scantron page prior completing it properly with pencil. Answer the problems in the space provided. To work out your answer you can use the examination paper. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ANY QUESTIONS from the Professor or the Invigilators. If it is necessary, state your assumptions on the midterm pages. You may write with a pencil or pen. If you leave early, please respect your fellow students by leaving quietly. Do not leave the room in the last 15 minutes of the exam. DO NOT TAKE THE MIDTERM PAPER WITH YOU. ________________________________________________________ 50 Multiple choice questions / 15 marks (50 minutes) Exercises: 1) 2) / 10 marks (50 minutes) Total marks / 25 marks (100 minutes)
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AP/ADMS2510 – Mid Term 1 Page 2 Multiple choice questions – To be answered on the Scantron pink sheet Part I – MC questions about concepts (0.5 marks for each correct answer, total marks available 5) 1) When defining variable and fixed costs, it is assumed that there is only one cost driver. a) True b) False ANS: True 2) The furnace assembly line has a supervisor. If 2,000 furnaces are produced for the month, the supervisor’s $2,000 weekly salary plus benefits a) is considered to be a direct fixed cost. b) is considered to be a direct variable cost. c) is considered to be an indirect variable cost. d) is considered variable or fixed, depending on the relevant range. e) None of the above ANS A 3) ____________________ is defined as the gathering and application of information used to plan, make decisions, evaluate performance, and control an organization. a) financial accounting
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