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Unformatted text preview: 1920s 1920s Birth of Modern American Birth Advertising Advertising Developments: Developments Rising prosperity. Credit. Urbanization, Professional Middle Class. Prohibition, Women's suffrage. Developments: Developments Pace (fast life, flappers, Charleston). Novelty. "Newness itself becomes desirable." Ad agents Ad agents Apostles of modernity. Town criers Ad agents Ad agents Heralding progress and providing buffer. 1920s 1920s Cliches: Business, Progress, Technology. Business Businessmen: windows/vistas Businessmen: windows/vistas Businessmen: Businessmen: masters of what they survey Progress Progress Technology: big and bright Technology: big and bright Technology (religious iconography) Technology (religious iconography) Technology (religious iconography) Technology (religious iconography) Technology (domesticated) Technology (domesticated) Ad agents Ad agents Advisers and coaches. Especially for “sense of selfhood” amidst rapid pace, anonymous crowd, loss of traditions. Major discovery: Psychology Major discovery: Psychology Psychological Techniques Psychological Techniques Drama. Problem/Solution. Constructive discontent. People defined as repository of anxieties, insecurities, and inferiority complexes. Eyes that Judge Eyes that Judge Social Anxieties Social Anxieties “They say” Psychological Techniques Psychological Techniques Scare copy/whisper copy. Impersonal judgment, success determined by anonymous "Them". Ads as problem­solvers. Ads as problem­solvers. Ads intervene to coach and advise. Side­by­side approach. Legacy Legacy Ailments & Conditions: Fleischmann’s Ailments & Conditions: Fleischmann Yeast From ingredient To health product Ailments & Conditions: Listerine Ailments & Conditions: Listerine LISTERINE LISTERINE LISTERINE LISTERINE Other “ailments”… Other and “problems” and Fear: Culture of Fear: Culture of insecurity Mothers and Children Duracell Duracell Listerine Listerine Wild Beasts Wild Beasts Dangers of Toilet Paper Dangers of Toilet Paper If left If left untreated… Ads as Social Tableaux. Ads as Social Tableaux Living tablets, freeze frame of social relations. Ads as Social Tableaux. Ads as Social Tableaux "Reflection", but not of reality. Reflecting aspirations or fantasies. Reflecting projections of admen. Nuclear family setting Nuclear family setting Lifestyle Lifestyle Women Women Post­suffrage: 1920. Split: *Women who are satisfied with political freedom. *Women who want to expand notion of freedom. Becoming modern. Women Economically and culturally independent. Flapper Women as target consumers Women as target consumers Married women: Home and Leisure Remaining Attractive Women as target consumers Women as target consumers Single women: Beauty. Hygiene. Bodies: Grotesque. Objects. Becoming attractive Becoming attractive LUX detergent Information Transformation Kotex “Giving offense” “hygienic spirit” Female to female advice Female to female advice Working Women Working Women Purchasing Purchasing Agent Home as Work Home as Work Domestic duties/ time savers Domestic duties/ time savers Bodies Bodies Mothers: softer, rounder Mothers: softer, rounder features Mirrors and narcissism Mirrors and narcissism ...
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