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caccintro09 - Consumer Media Culture Consumer Intro Sakai...

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Unformatted text preview: Consumer Media Culture Consumer Intro 09/01/11 Sakai Sakai Advertising: Beyond goods Advertising: “Melts in your Melts Mouth, Not in Your Hand” Your They hold us. Do we melt? They hold us. Do we melt? Two approaches Two approaches History Culture/Interpretation Advertising’s Social Functions Advertising Like art, myth or religion. Like replaces influence and authority of family, replaces religion, government/political leaders. religion, Ads that seemed reasonable at the time the Advertising in this course Advertising Not a marketing class, or “how to make Not better ads”. better Not judging good vs. bad ads, funny or Not clever, or effectiveness. clever, Consumer Media Culture Literacy Literacy How to read. Easy and difficult. Advertising as Environment. Fish and Advertising water. Consumer Media Culture Literacy Literacy *Not subliminal, but unaware. Not hidden, *Not but different level of awareness. but *Advertising creates environment, a world *Advertising Going into the brand world Going The Brand comes to yours The Back to reality Back Back to everyday life Back Watch your back! Watch Interacting with Brands Interacting Interacting with brands cbs cbs How do we go from this To this? Self as brand x Self as brand x Limits to Consumption Economic Environmental Cultural Recent Trends: More mental work Recent Trends Recent Trends: Recent Trends: Trance­like. lindt ...
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