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Unformatted text preview: Consuming Race Consuming Race On Fantasy and History The Indelible Subject The Indelible Subject Historical context Historical context Slavery: legal structure. Other fields to justify: religious, scientific, and philosophical. Some early ads were for slaves Some early ads were for slaves Historical context Historical context Post­slavery: From formal racism (institutional, scientific) to informal (psychological, cultural). Commodity Commodity racism Advertising/Consumer Culture Advertising/Consumer Culture Not just evidence of racism. Negotiation of identity (especially whiteness). Techniques of subordination Techniques of subordination Exaggerated traits. Body position/language Childlike Stereotypes as Icons. Subservience in roles. Exaggerated characteristics Exaggerated characteristics Entertainers/Comic Relief Entertainers/Comic Relief Minstrels: Sambo Minstrels: Sambo Childlike/Children Childlike/Children Gold Dust Twins: Gold Dust Twins: early trademark Pickaninny Pickaninny Pickaninny Pickaninny Obsession with Watermelon Obsession with Watermelon Whose Obsession with Whose Obsession with Watermelon? Childlike primitive. Childlike primitive. Stereotype Stereotype Characteristic stands in for group. Characteristic Generalization. Fixed and rigid. Fixed Essential trait then attributed to cause of Essential group's social position. Stereotype Stereotype only way that advertisers know how to communicate is through the use of existing stereotypes. Resonance theory Techniques Techniques Neutralization and making humor of negative perceptions. Being Being consumed Being Being consumed African­American (as) African­American (as) Commodity Rastus: Cream of Wheat Rastus: Cream of Wheat For the Kids! For the Kids! Patriot Patriot Aunt Jemima Aunt Jemima Old time Southern Flavor Old time Southern Flavor Mammies Mammies From old­time to modern kitchen: From old­time to modern kitchen: some things don’t change Beyond stereotypes: Beyond stereotypes: Fetishes and Fantasy Social Tableaux. However: Rife with conflict. Haunted by Other. Soap: A fetish. Soap Social history of material commodity Meaning and imagination infuses material good. Cult of domesticity meets new imperialism Soap as Colonial Power: Soap as Colonial Power: First Contact Imperialism Imperialism Preoccupation with boundaries Preoccupation with boundaries Exaggerating differences: Masking uncomfortable truth about genetic mixing and historical intertwinement Children exemplify race relations Children exemplify race relations Soap as Moral marker Soap as Moral marker The sacrament of soap: imperial The sacrament of soap: imperial progress as domestic spectacle Soap Soap Fetishism: central to industrial modernity Inhabiting and mediating the uncertain thresholds (private/public; black/white; colonizer/colonized) The residue? The residue? Black leaders & journalists ambivalent Black leaders & journalists ambivalent re: African­American toiletries industry Madame C.J. Walker Madame C.J. Walker The Racial Fantasy in the The Racial Fantasy in the Consumer World confirm existing stereotypes but also to soothe white people. Making advertising “palatable” White anxiety White anxiety miscegenation, threat of reprisal, loss of old social order. Servants in the New Social Order Servants in the New Social Order Smiling servitude Smiling servitude Elite leisure life Elite leisure life Fantasy 1: Old order Fantasy 1: Old order Fantasy 2: New Order Fantasy 2: White people on the go White people on the go 20 Century Progress 20 th Vast Majority of Ads until Civil Vast Majority of Ads until Civil Rights era Black people: Not addressed, but conveyors of meaning. Used to facilitate commercial communication between white people. Beyond integration by consumer Beyond integration by consumer culture: need to look at revolt from below. Black is beautiful: from political Black is beautiful: from political statement to niche market Diversity and change Diversity and change Progress Progress 'puttin' hot sauce on it'" Fast Food Fast Food Cigs Cigs Powermaster Powermaster Booze Booze Champale Champale “making it” Diversity did not quickly apply to other groups x Benetton: Global diversity Benetton: Global diversity Gender and Race: Intersectionality Gender and Race: Intersectionality Virginia Slims: Virginia Slims: Find Your Voice What endures? What endures? Ideology Ideology Creating "common sense" about race and white superiority. Largely, the processes work unconsciously, rather than by conscious intention. Native Americans Native Americans Similar themes: civilizing, childlike Similar themes: civilizing, childlike Wild savage Wild savage Saluting and welcoming Saluting and welcoming Warrior detour Warrior detour The new West The new West Tourism Travel (Travail): From adventure, work, danger to safe passage Taming the world for consumption Tourism Tourism Tourism Tourism The Other turned into image The Other turned into image All the world’s a movie set All the world The Global individual The Global individual Taming the savage Taming the savage War War Constructing enemies Constructing enemies Stereotypes Stereotypes Brutal, unethical Brutal, unethical Fantasy camp Fantasy camp Real Camp Real Camp Justifying the response Justifying the response Liberating the native Liberating the native Making the World Safe for… Making the World Safe for… Tourism ...
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