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Unformatted text preview: Response and Resistance to Consumer Media Culture Consumer Culture Jamming * Advertising as privileged discourse Advertising where is the resistance? where Other privileged discourses have had their oppositional forces. Logo: Behind the shiny image and abstraction. abstraction. Logo bleed Logo Logo and Material Conditions Logo Free-floating brands depend on masking sites of Free-floating production. Culture Jamming Culture “the practice of parodying advertisements the and hijacking billboards to drastically alter their messages” (Klein, 280) “the viral introduction of radical ideas using the the establishment’s own techniques” Situationists Situationists Detournement: Detournement: turning away. turning Situationists Situationists We are all We Performance Artists, everyday life is theater. Spectacle: society of images. a show put on by someone else. Situationists Situationists Response: take back Response: the show, create own atmospheres, ambiences, situations. situations. Culture Jamming Culture Pranks, Graffiti, Pranks, parody ads, uncommercials, guerilla theatre. Subvertising, hacktivism, skulling. BLF (Billboard Liberation Front) BLF Adbusters Adbusters Adbusters Adbusters Adbusters Adbusters Adbusters Adbusters Defacement Defacement “defacement” BLO BLO Second Life Liberation Army Second Games respond respond Games Games Culture Jamming Culture rejection of market logic of 1-way flow of rejection communication. Performance Performance Space Space From text to defacement to reclaim space. From Final Thoughts… Final ...
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