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MAGIc09 - MAGIC MAGIC The ancient and modern The powers of...

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Unformatted text preview: MAGIC MAGIC The ancient and modern The powers of transformation powers Consumer culture magic Consumer Sacred in secular Sacred culture. culture. Transformations, Transformations, material and spiritual material Magic in ad Magic in ad Cereals and magic (tricks) Cereals "Listen to the fairy song of health” Magic by ad Magic by ad Magic and technology Magic and technology Magic and Technology White magic White iimparting the mparting powers of nature/outside world to the product product White magic White Black magic Black the product’s the power to captivate and allure allure Red Magic(?) Magic(?) Magical transfer: AKA Personalization. Magical 1. Magical Lands: 1. other worlds, transport. 2. Mythical characters Pagan Pagan 3. Iconography: Iconography spells, crystal balls, genie in bottle, unseen. bottle, Spells and incantations Spells L’instant magic: potion Crystal balls Crystal Genie in a bottle (and fetish doll) Genie SoBe SoBe 4. Fetish 4. Object taken in Object isolation, detached from relations. Fetish Fetish Object gains and Object gives mega power. Fetish Fetish Little effort produces a lot of Little results. results. Little things bring out the power in you Fetish Fetish Displays and Displays conceals. Commodity magic Commodity Products don’t just Products solve problems, they give you powers. powers Transforms consumer. consumer. Commodity magic Commodity End point of ad (consumption) is End beginning (of great things, of happy life, of control). life, ...
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