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Unformatted text preview: The Space of Consumption Architecture of Desire & the Science of Shopping Away from 2D meaning • “Melts in your Mouth, Not in Your Hand” They hold us. Do we melt? Consumer space • Literal space: embedded ads, billboards, wearing logos. Architecture (malls). • Psychic or Interior space: dreams and fantasies we inhabit and that inhabit us. • Public space. Space of community. • Cyberspace Space of Consumption • Brand expands • The Store as 3D advertisement Architecture as a medium Cathedrals & Palaces Desire • People make choices, but not in conditions of their own making The Consumer Self • From individual ego searching out goodsas-satisfiers to… • Object of studies, analysis, stimulation. Anatomy (body, senses) • Organization of gazes, senses, and movements. The package as space • Brand as space surrounding commodity Who is the product? Psychology: interior space Psychology: Department Stores: Spaces of Desire L. Frank Baum: first retail art director Author of… Cathedrals of consumption • Display is active, not passive, organization. • Design: stimulates desire (transformation) • Light and Colors John Wanamaker John Wanamaker Departments: toy and bridal Human form: real and fake Attractors: Motion • Fountains Revolving doors. Escalator Glass: mirrors and windows Displays: more important than goods Window shopping is born Fairy tales and exotic dreams Live people Live Breaking the spell Reabsorbed by consumer culture Goal • Shopping as an experience in and of itself Shopping and the public 1) Study of persons (even nonpersonal— eyeballs, flows) 2) Organization of public space. It’s a Mall World It’s a Mall World Victor Gruen, Southdale Minnesota. 1956 Suburbs Suburbs Rationalization of space Suburbanization: a cure for anarchy of city. Post­Foreclosure Suburbs Post­Foreclosure Suburbs Gruen has high hopes Gruen has high hopes Mall would recreate public space of city Old meets new: community meets Old meets new: community meets unity and efficiency. The “Gruen Transfer”: Transform Transform singlesingleminded minded customer into openinto ended, ended, aimless “shopper” Atmospherics Atmospherics Science that mixes architecture and behavioral psychology “Affect­creating medium” Casinos: the eternal present Casinos: the eternal present Antique stores: clutter and Antique stores: clutter and finding treasure Psychological Psychological Regression (childhood) and Transference (to structure). “We want people to get lost, and then discover new things”—mall designer Quiz Quiz What is a Tachistoscope, or T­ scope? Other senses: Sounds, Touch, and Other senses: Sounds, Touch, and Smell Muzak: “Magic is what we do, music is how we do it” Tactile: handling the merchandise Cinnabon: Scent­management Spatial techniques of Spatial techniques of persuasion Little to no outdoor leisure area Anchor stores 600 ft. rule “Attitude adjustment space”: transition zone at entrance Butt­brush Science of Shopping Science of Shopping Goal: keep people inside and moving Keep people in optimal shopping zone: prevent shallow loop Retail anthropologists Retail anthropologists effect is to automate processes of which we are not fully aware. One­way communication One­way communication Not dialogue, not “knowing wants”, but studying (for single purpose). Whose desire is transformed? History of NJ malls History of NJ malls Public space: Commercialized Privatized Feminizing Bergen and Paramus Bergen and Paramus Garden State Plaza Garden State Plaza Commercialized Commercialized Integrating commerce with civic activity Science/order vs. anarchy/ugliness Science/order vs. anarchy/ugliness of city Filtering People through: Site selection Marketing Policing Result Result community = market segment Defined through exclusion Downtown Businesses respond Downtown Businesses respond Sunday Blue Laws Federal funds for urban renewal Privatized Privatized Commerce and community: conflict Property rights vs. free speech Public vs Private Space Public vs Private Space Marsh Doctrine: First amendment rights trump private property. Shopping centers as sidewalk, company town Changes with conservative Supreme Court Feminizing Feminizing Turning shopping chores into leisure time Different from men’s public spaces of city Family time Feminizing Feminizing Women’s power in suburbs = shopper. Not social or economic power. – Credit cards: still dependent Newark Newark Between 1964 and 1992, every major dept store closed Post­Mall Post­Mall City as Mall: Link to Museums, history, casinos, riverfronts. “urban entertainment destination” From store to neighborhood From store to neighborhood From store to neighborhood From store to neighborhood ...
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