Public+Safety-Meridian+Twp+Article - sofely improvemenls O...

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sofely improvemenls. Of ihe sovings, S500,OOO wos put loword renovoling on exisling fire slolion, ond S70,OOO wos oulhorized lo purchoso on ombulonce. Bolh of lltese ilems hod been reieded in eorlier, pre- public solely budgels ond o milloge oHemp1. The bol- once of the public sofe~y sovings went lo odvonced lroining lhol rcsul~ed in on increose of 25 percenl more poromedics ond certifying oll police officers ns sofcly services. The lownship boord ond ndminislrolion hove demonslroled lheir commitmonl lo fire supprer- sion ond fire solely. The lownship hos no1 done owoy with !he fire deportmenl-in fad, the members ovoil- oble for fire service hor dromoficolly increased over !he two-yeor period. Consequenlly, !he fire deport- ment is more visible ~hon ever. Meridion Township's cilizcns ore betier served in their needs for fire, police Joy Kohl served 21 yeors os o member of !he Delroil Police Deporfmcnl, achieving the ronk of licu- tenon!. He 110s o musters degree in securify odminis- trofion ond ond low degree from !he Univenify of Dcfroif. He ~vos hired os chief of the Meridion Township Police Deporlmenf in 1990, ond now serves or diredor ofMeridion Township PublicSofely.
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Public+Safety-Meridian+Twp+Article - sofely improvemenls O...

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