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01:450:262:01 Geographic Background to Current World Affairs Spring 2011 FINAL EXAMINATION REVIEW SHEET The FINAL exam will take place on Monday, May 9 in the regular classroom (LSH B- 266) beginning at 9.00 am. This exam is worth 30% of the course grade. This is a closed book, limited duration (2 hour) test that focuses on topics addressed since the Midterm examination. Material covered includes: (a) Lectures – from March 3 to the end of the semester (including the Greater Middle East; East Asia; Natural disasters; Urbanization; Displaced populations; Boundaries I and II). All of Professor Mitchell’s lectures will be posted on the Sakai course web site (Resources page). (b) Student presentations – Key issues discussed in oral Term Paper presentations by students are eligible for testing. (c) Google Earth Exercises 1-6. (Sakai Assignments). You will be expected to identify and to understand the significance of the main features portrayed in Google Earth images. (d) Readings ( Highest priority in boldface italics ) H. J. de Blij, Peter O. Muller and Antoinette M. G. A. WinklerPrins. 2009. The World
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262S11+Final+Review+Sheet - 01:450:262:01 Geographic...

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