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450: 262:01 Spring 2011 MIDTERM REVIEW SHEET The Midterm exam will take place on Tuesday, March 1 in the regular classroom (LSH –B266) at 1.45 pm. This is a closed book, limited duration (60 minutes) test. Material covered includes: Lectures – up to and including February 24 (i.e. “The Post-communist transition of the USSR”) Readings as follows ( Red = Highest priority ): Moseley, William G., David A. Lanergan and Kavita Pandit. 2007. The Introductory reader in human geography: Contemporary debates and classical writings. Blackwell Publishing: Malden, MA. Read the following five (5) items from the above collection, available at phy&printsec=frontcover&source=bl&ots=qRecaeUBxD&sig=- H. J. de Blij. 2005. “Geography and Foreign Policy,” pp. 37-38 William G. Moseley. 2002. “Reflections of an American geographer on the anniversary of September 11 th ,” pp. 39-41 William G. Moseley and David A. Lanergan, 2007. “Introduction.” Pp. 13-15. William Pattison. 1964. “The four traditions of Geography,” pp. 16-21. National Research Council. 1997. “Geography’s Perspective,” pp. 22-36 Stephen Brooks. 2006. “The Three “I’s” of Cognitive Isolationism,” in As others see us: The causes and consequences of foreign perceptions of America . Toronto: Broadview Press Ltd. pp. 17-33. (The text of this chapter, without illustrations, is available at:
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262S11+Mid+Term+review+sheet - 450 262:01 Spring 2011...

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