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RUTGERS UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY 01:450:262:01 Instructor: Prof. J.K.Mitchell Spring 2011 Lucy Stone B-232 (445-4103) T.Th.4 (1.40-3.00pm), Lucy Stone B266 E-mail: [email protected] GEOGRAPHIC BACKGROUND TO CURRENT WORLD AFFAIRS COURSE OUTLINE (2 nd update; 3/18/11) Below are a list of lecture topics and readings for the final portion of the semester. There are also a number of Google Earth‐based exercises that should be completed and placed in the Sakai drop box on or before the related topics are addressed in class. These will count towards the final course grade. TOPICS FOR LECTURES AND DISCUSSIONS Mar. 22: East Asia – I Mar. 24: East Asia ‐ II Part 3: Global Issues Mar. 29: Natural disasters ‐ I Mar. 31: Natural disasters – II Apr. 5: Urbanization ‐ I Apr. 7: Urbanization ‐ II Apr. 12: Displaced populations Apr. 14: Boundaries – I: Security walls and other barriers Apr. 19: Boundaries – II: Maritime boundaries and seaborne piracy Apr. 21: Student presentations ‐ I Apr. 26: Student presentations ‐ II Apr. 28: Course Roundup May 9: Final Examination 9‐11 a.m. LSH B‐266
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READINGS Mar. 22 and 24: “East Asia”, Chapter 9 in de Blij text (Sakai site) Mar. 29 and 31: James M. Kendra. 2007. “Geography’s contributions to understanding hazards and disasters,” in Disciplines, disasters, and emergency management ed. By David A. McIntire Springfield, Illinois: Charles C. Thomas Publishers. pp. 15‐30. This chapter can be downloaded from Google Books. Apr. 5 and 7: UNEP. 2003. “Urban Areas” in State of the Environment and Policy retrospective 1972-2002 . Chapter 2 (Sakai site). UN‐Habitat. 2003. The challenge of slums pp. XXV‐XXVI (“The main findings” ) (Sakai site) Michael Pacione. 2006. “City Profile: Mumbai” (Sakai site) Apr. 12: Jennifer Hyndman. 1999. “A post‐Cold War Geography of forced migration in Kenya and Somalia,” The Professional Geographer 51(1): 104‐114. (Sakai site) Samuel Lowenberg. 2005. “Displacement is permanent for the Sahrawi refugees,” The Lancet 365 (April 9): 1295‐1296. (Sakai site) Katarzyna Grabska. 2010. “Lost boys, invisible girls: Stories of Sudanese marriages across borders,”
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262S11+Syllabus+3rd+version - RUTGERS UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT...

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