MIS 301 - MIS 301 Exam 3 Study Guide - Spring 2010 - Patton

MIS 301 - MIS 301 Exam 3 Study Guide - Spring 2010 - Patton...

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MIS 301 Exam Three Study Guide Textbook Experiencing MIS by David Kroenke: Focus your reading on the topics covered in class. Start with this study guide and the class slides. If you don’t understand a topic, go back to the book for reference. Also, Wikipedia is a great place to get a general idea about terms and concepts. Chapter 9: “Business Intelligence and Information Systems for Decision Making” Chapter Extension 16: “Database Marketing” Not on the Exam: Chapter 9 Q6: What are the Characteristics of Data-mining Systems? (222-223) Data Mining in the Real World (224-225) Chapter Extension 16: Q4 (534-539) The Ethics of Classification (536-537) Terms: Business Intelligence (BI) System Clickstream data Data mart Data-mining Systems Data warehouse Dirty data Expert systems Granularity Knowledge management (KM) system Market-basket analysis Support Confidence Lift RFM Analysis Concepts: How do BI systems provide competitive advantage? What is a data mart and how does it differ from a data warehouse? Why is more data not always better? Memorize the relative size of data storage units (kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, petabyte, exabyte). You do NOT need to memorize the numbers in Figure 9-1, just be able to put them in order. What are the characteristics of the four BI systems (Reporting/KM/Expert/Data-mining systems)? What problems does operational (raw) data pose for BI systems? How does RFM analysis classify customers? Be able to perform an RFM analysis and interpret the results. Chapter 10: “Information Systems Development” Chapter Extension 19: “Systems Development Project Management” Not on the exam: MIS in Use Case 10: Systems Development for Social Networking Development (251) Estimation Ethics (252-253) The Real Estimation Process (262-263) MIS 301 Exam Three Study Guide 1
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Terms: Analysis paralysis Beta testing Brook’s law Component design phase Critical path Deliverable Diseconomies of scale Implementation phase Incremental development Maintenance phase Parallel installation Phased installation Pilot installation Plunge (Big Bang) installation
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MIS 301 - MIS 301 Exam 3 Study Guide - Spring 2010 - Patton...

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