Multiple Choice Quiz ch 14

Multiple Choice Quiz ch 14 -...

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Multiple Choice Quiz (See related pages) 1 The three basic pricing strategies are cost-based, value- based, and  ___________. A) market-based. B) structurally-based. C) consumer-based. D) company-based. E) competitor-based. 2 One of the reasons marketers don’t always select a  _______________ pricing strategy is that it necessitates a great deal  of consumer research to be implemented successfully. A) market-based B) cost-based C) consumer-based D) reference-based E) value-based 3 A _________________ is an example of an external reference price. A) lifetime value price B) odd-even price C) price shown in another currency, e.g., Euros, D) “regular price” or “original price” E) competitor’s price 4 To recoup high research and development costs, signal high quality,  limit demand, or test consumers’ price sensitivity, marketers typically  use a _______________ pricing strategy. A)
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Multiple Choice Quiz ch 14 -...

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