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MGT 291 10/25/10 ENTJ Extravert-comfortable thinking aloud, outgoing Introvert-reserved, quiet, reflective, think before they speak Sensing-complete, detail-oriented, practical, detail, concrete Intuition-think about abstract, theoretical, possibilities Thinking-analytical, like to implement rules, think in terms of justice Feeling-subjective, utilize emotions, base decisions based on their heart, circumstances, mercy
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Unformatted text preview: Judging-time-oriented, decisive, make lists, organized, structured Perceiving-flexible, open-ended, spontaneous, open to exploring Motivational Theories: Content vs. Process Content-purely descriptive, passively involved Process-explanatory, seeking to understand why there are differences, actively involved 1-3 2 3 4-4 5-3 Maslow's Hierarchy: Physiological Security Belonging Esteem Self-Actualization...
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