mgt 291 notes 12-1-10

Mgt 291 notes - aa Consideration bb Initiating Structure C Contingency Approach 1 Complete Least Preferred Coworker Scale(see page 94 2 Fiedler's

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MGT 291 12/1/2010 I. Management vs. Leadership II. Five Bases of Power 1. Reward 2. Coercive 3. Legitimate 4. Expert 5. Referent III. Influence Tactics 1. Rational Persuasion 2. Inspirational Appeals 3. Consultation 4. Ingratiation 5. Personal Appeals 6. Exchange 7. Coalition 8. Pressure 9. Legitimating Tactics IV. Leadership Theories A. Truit Approach B. Behavioral Approach 1. Complete Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire (see page 92)
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Unformatted text preview: aa. Consideration bb. Initiating Structure C. Contingency Approach 1. Complete Least Preferred Coworker Scale (see page 94) 2. Fiedler's Contingency Model (see page 95) aa. Leader-Member Relations bb. Task Structure cc. Position Power D. Transformational Leadership (see page 97) 1. Characteristics...
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