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mgt 291 questions for Newsome

mgt 291 questions for Newsome - an impact in your career...

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Brian Tharp 10/27/2010 MGT 291 M, W 9:30 A.M. Questions for Yulee Newsome 1. As the executive assistant to the COO, what are your responsibilities? 2. What advice do you have for juniors who are trying to obtain a summer internship the summer before their senior year? 3. What class principles or lessons from extracurricular activities from college have you carried with you into the working environment? 4. What is the one thing you wish you knew or did when you were college that could have made
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Unformatted text preview: an impact in your career thus far? 5. Were you well prepared for the workforce after college or did it take some time to adjust and learn new concepts and skills? If so, can you give examples? 6. What is the culture like at Dow Chemical? Does it meet your expectations? 7. What would you change, if anything about the managerial methods within the companies you've worked for?...
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