Brian Tharp's MKT 419 Midterm

Brian Tharp's MKT 419 Midterm - Brian Tharp 10/12/2011 MKT...

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Brian Tharp 10/12/2011 MKT 419 Midterm Exam 1. Getting Real suggests that reach is one of the prime 3 dimensions of navigation. They feel as though reaching out to the most customers it can access with the most amount of products that it offers. One recommendation that Getting Real feels is the best way to reach out is by having product suppliers consider joint ventures with their competitors. Michael Porter on the other hand might veto an idea such as this one. In Porter's mind, he thinks that navigating the internet is done through strategy and maximizing economic value. He would claim that by doing a joint venture with competitors, some messy situations could arise. In the case of Amazon and Toys' R Us things did not work out as planned. Although the idea seemed to be a win-win, success was only short lived. With Amazon devoting part of their site to Toys' R Us baby products for ten years (even though their niche is in music, books, CD's, etc.) both companies seemed to feel as though they each held the most clout in the deal. But, as Porter explains, with two large companies both with high expectations and high demands, the two had different needs and wants as far as their navigation expectations went. Amazon was stuck with too much inventory of the baby products, and wanted more of a diverse product line. The two could not come to a mutual agreement which inevitably lead to allegations from both sides which split the alliance apart. Another dimension of navigation in Getting Real is Richness, the ability to get rich customer
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Brian Tharp's MKT 419 Midterm - Brian Tharp 10/12/2011 MKT...

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