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9:25:08 social - -legitimate inequality contradiction...

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Two sides -no recourse to a factual realm -blurs distinction between claims and opinion Class – group of people with a similar socio-economic position Marx – productionist model Bourgeoisie Proletariat Sales Minus cost Equals profit Weber Economic capital Cultural capital – what you know Social capital – social connections, who you know Meritocracy – hard work and talent determine life chances Problems – mythical equal starting point -less class mobility than meritocracy predicts
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Unformatted text preview: -legitimate inequality contradiction between freedom of chance at individual level (inheritance) and equal opportunity at the societal level (meritocracy) way of transmitting advantages cultural capital knowledge of norms, values, beliefs, and ways of life qualified belonging social networks mediate access to educational occupational and economic opportunity available only through relationships...
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9:25:08 social - -legitimate inequality contradiction...

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