10:7:08 - -Overtime, race becomes common sense Race-Racial...

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Race Serves Political Goals - Determines who receives what - Moral justification for the distribution of resources - Blackness becomes inferiority—inferior in relation to whites Racial Formations - Race is not variation in skin color but a socio-political category that makes skin color grouping seem natural - Race is not biological essence - Nor is race a mere illusion - Race is a social construction - Present in social interactions and social Socio-historical Concept - Race is a modern concept invented by society - In the US, it was a black/white color line - Concept of hypo-decent or the ‘one drop rule’ set up the hierarchy - White = pure, black = impure Naturalization of Race - Racial identification seems natural - Socially-learned significance of skin color
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Unformatted text preview: -Overtime, race becomes common sense Race-Racial formationthe socio-historical process by which racial categories are created, inhabited, transformed and destroyed-While myths and stereotypes change overtimethe system of racial meanings and stereotypes seems to be permanent for the time being Civil War-Abolition of Slavery-Creation of a free labor market-Different economic system but same racial ideas serve similar political ends Reconstruction-Demise and reassertion of white supremacy under a new economic order-Southern whites are not willing to give up superior status-Problem: class and regional conflict-National unity created on the shared sense of whiteness (and the exclusion of blacks)-...
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10:7:08 - -Overtime, race becomes common sense Race-Racial...

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