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10:9:08 (before midterm)

10:9:08 (before midterm) - REVIEW SESSION SUNDAY OCTOBER...

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REVIEW SESSION SUNDAY OCTOBER 12 TH 2008 ROOM B269 LUCY STONE HALL 7:30 – 8:30PM Racism - Permanent feature of US society - Contemporary racism is not simply the residual consequence of slavery or Jim Crow but “something created anew in our time” Creation of Current Inequality - Social democratic reforms (1930s-1970s—new deal and great society) - Anti-social democratic reforms (1980s-present—Reagan) Social Democratic Reforms - Social Security and Wagner Act - Did not apply to far workers and domestics Federal Housing Act – 1934 - FHA provided low-interest loans and government backed mortgages - Allowed for wealth investment - Covenants, transportation policies, and business incentives in suburbia - 1970’s – housing prices doubled Unionization - Unions bargained for health care, middle class wages and job securities - Early unions practiced protectionism - Seniority rules – nominally race-neutral but had racial effect Anti-Social Democratic Reforms - Whites are rewarded for past advantages in both the housing and labor market
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