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10:14:08 socio - Beliefs about Inequality-Equal...

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Post-Civil Rights - Decline in public bigotry, support for government enforced segregation and discrimination and belief in categorical (biological) inferiority - Active resistance to integration programs, busing, fair housing laws and affirmative action programs - Principles v. Implementation Ideology of Color-Blindness - Race as a mere illusion - Consumption and images - Atomized individuals/individual rights - Racism as a personal problem
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Unformatted text preview: Beliefs about Inequality-Equal opportunity (formal)-Legitimating of existing racial inequality-Cultural inferiority Discrimination Cases-‘Prove’ that racial discrimination is no longer tolerated-Everyone can condemn these actions-Race-based programs cast as discriminatory Function of Color-Bind Ideology-Normalization of privilege-Psychological comfort-Maintains group position-Laissez-faire racism...
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