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Emily Leung HTM 260 February 17 th , 2011 HW: Culture Statement As a member of this class, this document represents key concepts of how the group feels that we should treat each other. How do you recommend that these concepts be introduce to everyone once we meet? I think that the new concepts of the Culture statement for the class should be posted as the first slide of every lecture as a constant reminder to the rules we have all agreed upon, and it will be informative and something students can look to for guidance or reassurance. What specifically would you do to make sure you had the full support of all our classmates? I think there should be a paper we all sign that shows that we agree to the Culture Statement and will abide to these guidelines to our best ability. How will you remind yourself and others after the initial introduction in class? After the initial introduction in class I would try my best to follow these guidelines by actively participating in class and engaging in class activities. By being positive around
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