HW 2 - Emily Leung February 3rd, 2011 HTM 260 HW #2 1....

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Emily Leung February 3 rd , 2011 HTM 260 HW #2 1. Culture: Societal forces affecting the values, beliefs, and actions of a distinct group of people. Big Companies in Business 1. Wal-Mart 2. Exxon Mobile Target Website: www.target.com Size of Company: o “Target opened its first store in Roseville, Minnesota, in 1962. Today, Target operates 1,683 stores in 48 states, including 239 SuperTarget stores, 1,519 pharmacies, 325 optical centers, 186 portrait studios, 916 Starbucks, 1,165 one-hour photo processing labs and 28 health clinics. Target’s total store square footage is 222,420,000 square feet.” o Target employs more than 360,000 team members. Nature of their business: To provide common household items with an “upscale” feel. Culture: o “Target is an upscale discounter with a focus on the high-quality, on-trend merchandise guests want, plus the everyday basics all families need, all at affordable prices. Its combined emphasis on style, quality, affordability and clean, attractive stores makes it a one-of-a-kind retailer. When guests shop at Target, they’ll find an environment where shopping is convenient and enjoyable.” Citations: http://pressroom.target.com/pr/news/fastfacts.aspx Exxon Mobile Website: http://www.exxonmobil.com/Corporate/ Size of Company: “As of March 2009, the total number of employees working for the firm is estimated to be 79,900” Nature of their business: ” Every day, employees at ExxonMobil are committed to the pursuit
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HW 2 - Emily Leung February 3rd, 2011 HTM 260 HW #2 1....

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