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community engagement paper - Emily Leung April 28th 2011 TA...

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Emily Leung April 28 th , 2011 TA: Peter Kaminski Community Engagement Paper SHS Cheerleading Over the period of the semester, I have been actively volunteering at my old high school in Sharon, where I gave up time on various weekends to help out younger girls who remind me of myself. These girls on the team have grown up with more opportunities than others the town of Sharon mostly consists of people from the middle class to the upper middle class. This cheerleading team is very important to me since I used to cheer and lead the same exact team. The goal for this organization was to improve their performance and grow stronger as a team. People may think cheerleaders’ main purposes are to look nice, jump up and down, and flirt with guys. Little do people know that as a team they foster school spirit, they bring a lot more than meets the eye. They serve a purpose for the school and the community. Sharon is a very small community where everyone in the high school basically knows everyone else. All the students who attend Sharon High School have known each other since the first grade or even younger. The girls I have met on the team all have various personalities but they all show a lot of determination, and interest in improving day by day. The way I can relate to all of these different girls is that I was once in that same place. Only two years ago I was the senior cheerleading captain at Sharon High School and I was just as determined. The athletics program at Sharon High School has never been respected as much since the main focus in Sharon public schools is academics. Thus the cheerleading team is not
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going to have as much recognition compared to all other sports like football, basketball, lacrosse, track, tennis, and etc. The reason I decided to volunteer for the team because they
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community engagement paper - Emily Leung April 28th 2011 TA...

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